Chakra bracelet – A Natural way to bring Balance to Your Chakras

Chakras are the centers of life force in the body. Entirely there are seven chakras in the body, and they enhance different powers. Chakra Bracelet is used to activate the person’s chakras. It helps in aligning and balancing the energies of seven chakras. The significant features of these chakras are they absorb the negative powers and leave only the positive powers. There are no particular criteria to wear these bracelets. Everyone can wear to enhance their emotional focus, betterment in their life and increase their overall energy. Chakra bracelet helps in healing all the issues like mental issues, physical problems, emotionally tired of something. These Bracelets enhance more positive energy and help to overcome all of the issues. It is essential to know how chakra bracelets benefit the person by balancing their energies inside the body.

Chakra Stones or Beads

A Chakra Bracelet is made up of Chakra stones which have a special frequency which creates an extraordinary power that helps to revitalize the chakras. The chakra stones are made up of different materials, but it follows some colour pattern which includes white, green, indigo, blue, orange, pink, yellow and red combinations. All these colours have some feature to activate the chakras where every colour has a special healing power and helps to activate that particular chakra. Arranging the crystals and gemstones in a pattern has some intrinsic goodwill and property. The arrangement of crystals is according to the energy pattern. Each type of stone has its property, and each stone tends to activate the chakra according to the energy patterns in order.

These chakras must be kept clean to avoid the negative charges. Each chakra has its energy power, and those chakras are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and finally the Crown chakra.  Each chakra has its own gemstone which is Red Jasper (Root chakra), Carnelian (Sacral Chakra), Yellow Jade (Solar Plexus Chakra), Aventurine and moss agate (Heart chakra), Amazonite and turquoise (Throat Chakra), Lapis Lazuli and sodalite (Third eye chakra), Amethyst and quartz crystal (Crown chakra). Not only these gemstones, there are some other gemstones for all the seven chakras.

Each chakra has different properties which enhance various aspects.  They are Root chakra with the property of being more Stable, having more strength and patience; Sacral chakra has the feature of creating more ideas, promoting growth, being more sensible; Solar Plexus Chakra with the property of attaining more will power, more trustworthy; Heart chakra has the property of expressing love to everyone, being purer and having a good companionship nature; Throat chakra has the feature of being honest, has the character of uprightness and has good communicating nature; Third eye chakra with the property of being instinct, being more intelligent, and finally crown chakra which has the property of being enlightened,  having a unity nature and being more calm and creating a peaceful situation.

Healing Powers of Chakra Bracelet Explained

The Chakra stones can be kept near us, to promote the balance between the chakras. The chakra stones must always be cleaned and kept in a neat and tidy place. Placing all these chakra stones in the home will not only make the home decorative and look beautiful, but it also has the power to remove the negative energies in and around the environment and keeps the positive energy within the surroundings. Wearing Chakra jewelry is more powerful and fulfils the actions effectively. Most of them are available as pendants which will be more attractive and also to enhances chakra energies within the body.

Chakra Bracelets are used to heal many problems like mental troubles, and people addicted to alcohol, severe pain due to some issues in the body, etc. Solving these problems by the chakra bracelet is an easy way where it absorbs all the negative powers and leaves back the positive energy which makes the person more pragmatic. Different stones are used in a single bracelet to activate the chakras which has the connection to the body. It also changes the way of thinking way from a negative thought to positive thought. This helps the person to overcome their problems and reframe the issues positively. It also helps to focus on the right path. Each gemstone has its significant value. There are some different healing powers for different crystals, like Agate:  The main work of agate is to stimulate the root chakra. It helps to keep the person calm and handle the situation when emotionally fed up. It balances the ether-body with the physical body; Lapis Lazuli: Solicits divine inspiration and explores the nature of divine within the person, helps in clearing the energy systems and activates the psychic centers in the body;  Turquoise: It stimulates the throat chakra, helps to maintain equal and balanced emotions and increases prana.

Benefits of Chakra Bracelets

The person wearing chakra bracelet can experience good health, gratitude for everything in life.  Even though they are similar to ordinary bracelets, they give extraordinary powers which enhance the person’s life with more success, good health, spiritual mind, etc. The crystals in the chakras produce some steady vibrational frequencies that create an impact on all the chakras. This makes the person be calm, polite and think positively while performing some actions. It creates a balanced mindset with excellent and steady thoughts during tough times. The spiritual energy created makes the person enlightened in their life.

A Chakra Bracelet has been worn in India from ancient times for centuries because people had a thought that it had some healing powers. These bracelets help to promote the energies within the body. Chakras are to be kept in a balanced state to enjoy all the benefits of essential and happy living. These bracelets are more affordable, easy-to-use and give a good and pleasant look. It creates more positive energy and keeps right state of mind. It removes all the negative energy from the person and enhances the person to be more active and to live the life more healthily and positively.

Note:- It is important for us to balance our chakras health healthy and fit lifestyle but exercise and Yoga also help to heal those chakras. You can Follow certified fitness coach Sapna Vyas Patel for more fitness related tips and guides.

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