Kundalini – The Awakening Experience

The Sanskrit term Kundalini from ancient India refers to the energy that is arising and consciousness that is present inside the body since birth. Often it is known as “sleeping goddess” or “serpent power” where the serpent coils around the first chakra at the base of the spine. There are various methods to experience its power by awakening kundalini. There are seven chakras, where “Muladhara” is the fundamental or the basic chakra, and the seventh chakra is “Sahasrar”. Kundalini is divided into three various manifestations during the ancient times. The first and foremost is the unclear cosmic energy which is “Para-kundalini”.

Secondly, the vital energy of the universe is known as “Prana-kundalini”.  Finally, the last is the consciousness which lies intermediate between the first and the second known as “Shakthi-kundalini”. There are different methods in activating DNA. Few of them are by opening up Clairvoyant and Clairaudient abilities, by keeping away ego aside and showing unconditional love, peace, etc. to others. Some other powers of kundalini are purity, true love, self-respect, detachment, etc.

Kundalini Yoga and its types

Kundalini yoga is the combination of chanting, meditating, different postures to enhance physical vitality and consciousness.  We can perform Kundalini yoga by various means of Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga, Shakti yoga where each type has its specific power and characteristics. The primary objective of kundalini yoga is to awaken the energy that lies coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine. By performing breathing exercises, chanting, meditating and doing some physical postures, it helps to unlock the energy through kundalini yoga method. This yoga is by combining specific kriyas. Asana sequences are known as the kriyas. Each kriya is related with each chakra. Some of the particular terms which are to be noted while performing kundalini yoga are Asana, Prana Apana, Kriyas, Chakras, Mudras, Bhandas, Mantras, and Pranayama.

Asanas: Asanas concentrate on nerves or acupuncture points to activate specific effect in the brain and body. The designed Poses and postures help to activate glands and organs and keep the mind in peace; Prana Apana: The life force in the air which we breathe and food we eat is Prana which helps in enhancing absorption process. Apana helps to give back. When Prana and Apana combine it creates tappa or heat at the center to awaken the first chakra; Kriyas:

Combination of one or more postures or exercises with pranayama, chanting, projection helps to activate more specific effects. Kriya means “work” or “action”; Chakras: They are the middle point between physical and non-physical dimensions. Physical energy flows through the system of nadis, where nadis are the psychic channels. Chakras are the spinning wheels along the spine;

Mudras: Mudras are the symbols which are shown by the hand and finger positions by stretching, touching the fingers, etc. This helps to guide the energy flow and reflexes to the brain; Bhandas: Bhandas are muscle contractions which are the locks in the body which helps in redirecting the energy flow in the body. By performing this, it helps to experience higher state of consciousness; Mantras:  Mantras are the syllables or the words which elevate tor increases the power of consciousness by its meaning, one, tongue on the palate, rhythm, etc.; Pranayama: Prana is the universal life force, and ayama means to lengthen or regulate. It clears the locks and chakras in the body. This makes the person both physically and mentally active.

Awakening kundalini and its benefits

Awakening kundalini is activating every chakra in step by step process from the base of the spine to top of the head to experience more effective changes in all aspects like, physically, emotionally and also psychologically. Some spiritual changes occur within the body. There are some fantastic benefits of awakening kundalini. They are increasing the level of IQ, growing spiritual connections, reducing the level of ageing, increase in creative ideas; psychic abilities are enhanced, a better sense of hearing sounds, colour and sight. Some of the health benefits are like great relief from the stomach, throat ailments, liver problems and kidney stones. Some of the other benefits clarity of thoughts, improvement in memory skills and will become strong physically.  It also helps to cure a headache, insomnia, depressions, anxiety which avoids the person from stress and psychological issues.

By awakening kundalini, the person will be able to experience others empathy which helps to handle the situation in a healthier way. This also makes the person feel more spiritual and divine during all the experiences faced. It brings out psychic powers to the person and helps to keep the mind in a stable condition. Also, this helps to keep the person emotionally balanced so to be free from pain and sufferings. Kundalini brings out health, wealth, harmony within the person.

Is kundalini a chakra?

Chakras are the centers of life force (called the pranas) in the body. Entirely there are seven chakras in the body, and they enhance different powers. The first chakra is the root chakra; second is the sensual chakra; third is the power chakra; the fourth chakra is love chakra; fifth is for communication; sixth is for perception, and finally the seventh chakra is for universal connection. There are different poses for all the chakras.  Some of them are child Pose for the root chakra, pigeon pose for the second (spleen chakra), mountain pose for third (Solar plexus chakra), eagle pose for fourth (Heart chakra), plow pose for fifth (Throat Chakra), cat/cow pose for sixth (Third eye chakra) and half lotus pose for seventh (Crown chakra).

There is a small line path between kundalini and chakra where it can encounter some beneficial functions. Kundalini tends to activate the energy centers using chakras in the body. When one of the chakras gets activated, it affects the other chakras too, where they all are interconnected. Kundalini is the way of activating chakras to experience more spiritual benefits physically and emotionally. According to one of the kundalini leader, by practising kundalini yoga, the person can attain universal oneness or enlightenment.

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